Often we speak with too much ease about grain. The miller like any professional has to know every characteristic of the raw material he is going to transform. He needs to prove the quality of the grain, make decisions about tools, methods and seasons, in order to get riches grains, from a nourishing as well as organoleptic point of view. Our grains – antique grains – are excellent for all those who care about health. They are more digestible, they are a rich source of vitamins, minerals and proteins. Suitable also for those who suffer from food intolerance. The nutritive value reaches his peak in wholewheat flour, even more if stone-ground, because the wheat germ keeps intact.

Along these lines we created “Le Farine del Palmento”, naturally stone-ground whole grain durum wheat flours in the varieties: TUMMINIA, RUSSELLO, PERCIASACCHI (spelt), SENATORE CAPPELLI and other antique grains. All transformed in pureness and stone-ground. With the exception of PERCIASACCHI and SENATORE CAPPELLI, all the flours we produce are derived solely from Sicilian durum and common wheat – these grains are free from mycotoxin and the flours obtained are additive-free.

The precious grindstones are also fundamental for the production of the Sicilian whole grain durum wheat flour called TUMMINIA, used for the making of the Pane Nero di Castelvetrano, slow food local chapter. The characteristics of tumminia are the tardive seeding and the short vegetation cycle. In Italy it’s also called MARZUOLO, because it is seeded in March (Ital.: marzo), it’s reaped and picked in June. Tumminia as almost all antique grains has a low yield, about ten quintal per cultivated hectare, and it has a deep colour which the stone-ground mechanism keeps intact.

Our whole grain flours obtained from ancient varieties of Sicilian native durum grains – we do not use any hybrid corns, neither genetically modified grains nor with gamma rays irradiated wheat – are perfect for every use. Furthermore, the stone-ground mechanism leaves the germ intact. Because the germ is included, there are more nutrients as well as fibre and fat content in whole wheat flour. Studies have shown that the TUMMINIA, for example, has antitumorial properties.

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