the willpower to go beyond..

  • milling after order is placed

  • production of bread and hand-crafted pasta with our flours

  • individual flour blends

  • flour from your grain → your grain, cleaned and milled

  • bread from your grain, pasta from your grain → from wheat to pasta “less than zero food miles”

  • our technology and machinery available for collaborations

Together with master Ottavio Guccione we share all our technical know-how about the manufacturing of the Pane Nero di Castelvetrano (slow food local chapter) – the best interpretation of tumminia grain. We can be considered ambassadors of this excellent local product. We share and spread our passion for cous cous, the real one, made on the instant. Cous cous which has become part of the Sicilian cookery, especially in the area of Trapani where we work. Together with other friends, out in front the Chef Bonetta dell’Oglio, we reassess and revisit old recipes and methods of gastronomical elaboration. We disseminate our love for wheat and its derivatives.

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