Le Farine del Palmento®

Le Farine del Palmento®:

Antique naturally stone-ground grains

Organically grown whole grain flours with wheat germ


– Sicilian organically grown whole grain durum wheat flour for Pane Nero di Castelvetrano

The sapient blend of Sicilian durum wheat and TIMILIA/TUMMINIA durum wheat, naturally stone-ground in our antique mills, is the main ingredient of the Pane Nero di Castelvetrano, slow food local chapter.

– Whole grain sifted flour

Sicilian whole durum wheat flour, naturally stone-ground and sifted for the production of homemade (casareccio) bread – taste and fragrance of yore.

The sifted flour can be added to durum wheat and common flours. For the best homemade bread add 50% of sifted flour.

– Organically grown TIMILIA whole grain durum wheat flour for bread and pasta production

– Organically grown RUSSELLO whole grain durum wheat flour

– Organically grown SENATORE CAPPELLI whole grain durum wheat flour

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